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Wednesday, 4 March 2015

When we began this renovation I didn’t really pay too much attention to the closet and what it was going to look like. In my mind I just thought we would put up some bars and be done with it. However, as we moved into the more serious design phase and now the execution phase I’ve started putting a lot more thought into our closet and I’ve actually gotten excited! The above photo is some inspiration I found on Pinterest. 
We altered our current closet from a simple step in closet to a walk-through closet with storage on either side of the walk way. You can see the new layout here. My design process started with me taking stock of how many pieces of clothing I actually have. I sat down one night with an excel spreadsheet and typed into it every single article of clothing. Not only was I floored by how much stuff I actually have but I was able to see how much storage I was going to need. Prior to this renovation we had stuff in one of our spare bedroom closets. I really don’t like the idea of spreading into all your spaces. I want to keep things contained.
When we moved out of the bedroom/closet/bathroom at the start of the renovation we did a lot of purging. And I imagine that when we move back into the closet we will again do some purging. So this should help with the amount of storage we will have vs. how much stuff we have.
I initially looked at a California Closet type installation and realized that we couldn’t afford it. So then I turned to my trusty ol’ Ikea. Our kitchen turned out beautifully so I figured why not give their wardrobe system ‘PAX’ a try! Like their kitchens Ikea has designed a tool to help you design your new closet. I immediately got using the tool. I have to say it was a lot simpler to use than the Kitchen tool. It happened that the length of our closet would perfectly fit 2 of their cabinets. For the most part I need hanging space with a few baskets/drawers for sweaters, workout gears etc. This is the final design I came up with:
Left side
 Right side

I also started thinking about the type of hangers I wanted to purchase. I’ve never had all new hangers and I wanted to make sure whatever I got would be functional but looked good. Also since I have so much stuff I needed the hangers to be slim. I started researching different types of hangers and it led me to The Sweethome. They say that these wooden hangers are the best bang for your buck from the Container Store however, they are ½” thick. After browsing through the Container Store website I found these hangers:

I think they will be perfect! Slim (only ¼” thick), anti-slip and they look good too.  

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