Front Door Colour

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

4. Seaweed // 5. Summer Blue // 6. Old Navy

I know I am terrible for this...starting a new project before the current one is complete. Since we have had such wonderful weather lately and my tulips are coming up, I've been dreaming up plans for the exterior of the house.
I wanted to add some character to our house which currently has none. It is a front garage (that basically is the entire front of the house) with vinyl siding and fake rock. I started searching Pinterest and Houzz to get some ideas for adding character, I even started a discussion board on Houzz to get some advice. 
One inexpensive and fun way to add character would be to paint the front door a bright colour. There are a million different colours out there and I didn't even know where to start or how I was going to visualize the colour with the rest of the house. That is where Photoshop came in!
I picked 6 colours from the Benjamin Moore website and overlaid them on an image of our front door. I also changed the trim around the door to "white" to make the door pop. 
I know it looks kind of crappy but at least it gives me an idea about colour! I really like the darker blue colours (blue and old navy). 
Next step will be to buy a couple samples and paint a piece of wood/drywall and see how it really looks.


  1. Also please ignore the Christmas lights that are still up on our house...sadly taking those down are low on the priority list

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