Day 7

Saturday, 7 March 2015

It's been almost a week of renovating and look how happy I am! ... and look how busy and annoyed Brendan looks...

Things have gone incredibly smooth this week. "We" were able to complete most of the framing and are now on to electrical and plumbing. The plumber is hopefully coming tomorrow to work on re-routing things. We have to do the following:

1. move the toilet over towards the exterior wall
2. re-route plumbing for the shower
3. re-route plumbing for the sink
4. run a new water line for the washing machine

I am told that all of this can be done in a day but since we are way ahead schedule I don't really care if it extends into next week. 

As I write this Brendan is busy working on the electrical. I was just called upstairs to check out the two new pot lights he install in the soon to be closet. We have to move a couple switches, add pot lights, add a box for the backlit mirror, move the bath fan and then run a 220V line for the dryer. Pretty complicated stuff but I know B can handle it. 

There were a couple issues with electrical 1) there was a cable running across the wall where the new entrance into the bathroom was going to be (that is fixed now, Brendan was able to move it up and over the doorway) and 2) there is a three-way line that needs to be moved over a couple inches but...there might not be enough slack in the line to move it. This means we may have to run a new cable. Both issues were/are fixable but it just meant/means a little more work. 

Some other big news is there is a new entrance (see the first image below) into the closet and bathroom! I think it looks fantastic! 

Brendan has done such an amazing job on everything and I've been busy doing my part of the average house, cleaning, laundry. Typing laundry just reminded me that I have a load to change over... 

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