Day 3

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

We are on day 3 of the renovation. The bin was dropped on our driveway on Friday instead on Monday so we were able to get started on demolition on the weekend! I would say our current status is demolition is 98% done. We still have to take down the top parts of some walls and repair insulation/poly. I can’t believe how big the space is with all the walls down…and I can’t believe how much dust demolition creates! I sweep our main floor three times each night.

Next steps are putting walls back up and installing the pocket door frames. Once the walls are up we can see what areas need the floor cut away for the plumber to access. The most nerve racking part of the renovation is the plumbing portion. There is no way for the plumber to come and quote us until we have framed the new walls and pulled up the floor. How can they quote us if they can’t see what they’re dealing with? We are doing major plumbing re-routing, moving the toilet, switching the placement of the shower and vanity and adding laundry hook ups.

I’ve also started thinking about the finishes. We both really wanted to do the brushed gold bath fixtures but the more and more we sorted through the logistics the less and less it seemed feasible. Because we can’t afford the expensive shower wall tile that comes with a pencil rail tile to be used instead of schluter we will need to use schluter. We could use gold schluter but we wanted to stay away from PERMENANT things being gold i.e. the shower drain and schluter. So the schluter would be satin nickel and we would have gold bath fixtures, satin nickel schluter and shower drain, and oil rubbed bronze door hardware. That is a lot of finishes. Oh and not to mention the shower door hinges and handle don’t normally come in brushed gold so getting custom hinges etc. = $$$.

Reminder: this isn’t our forever home so in our forever home I will have a bathroom with brushed gold bath fixtures.

What did we end up selecting? Delta Vero faucet and shower trim in chrome. Chrome is slightly more flashy than satin nickel but still in the silver family.
Since I am not getting my gold bath fixtures I came up with a compromise of having an oversized gold framed piece of art. Since I am on a budget and my husband is wicked with a spray can I was thinking about purchasing this picture frame from Ikea, scuffing it up and spraying it gold.
I was then perusing the Minted Art Marketplace and found TONS of great art prints. My favorite right now is this.

I think it’ll add a nice punch of color and I get my touch of gold with the frame.

My most exciting purchase so far is our new mirror. I have a really hard time with vanity light fixtures. Either I like the look of them and they don’t provide any light for me to do my make up or... they provide the light and I don’t like the look of the fixture. Compromise? No vanity light fixture! On our trip down to San Diego last November we stayed at a lovely hotel that happened to have a backlit mirror. I fell in love! After doing some research I discovered Lumidesign. A manufacturer out of Ontario that manufacturers just what I was looking for, a back lit mirror.

We decided on a 36” x 36” Kelly Mirror. It’s currently sitting in our TV room in the box waiting to be unveiled. 


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  2. Bathroom demolition is not just fun and easy, it is a tricky job too. You have to make sure none of the pipework is damaged because that can cause leaks and lead to major repairs all over the house. Before you begin a DIY project like this it is best to have a professional plumber supervise you throughout. By the way, classy fittings you've got there!


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