Renovation Round 2 - Before Pictures

Sunday, 1 February 2015

On to the exciting stuff...we are at it again, renovating that is! I am really looking forward to getting started on our next project. This time we will be doing:

1. our en-suite 
2. moving our laundry from the basement to the upstairs hall closet

This is a big renovation with lots of plumbing and custom work so it should be a lot of fun and very interesting! I am full fledged into the designing and planning stage. 

I have really opened up to the idea of colour and bolder design elements with this renovation. I am definitely not playing it safe *hint* think brushed gold bath fixtures. So far we have narrowed down what we would like for:
  • bath fixtures
  • the sink
  • the colour of vanity (and some of the design)
  • the mirror
  • the tile
  • the wall colour
  • the closet design
Our biggest hurtle will be seeing if the bath fixtures prices come down A LOT from the retail quote otherwise I am going to have to re-think my beautiful brushed gold fixtures. The colour scheme is going to be mostly greys and whites with some punch of robin's egg blue and turquoise. 

The closet is going to go from a step in closet to a walk-through closet. It makes the most sense with the layout we have. I decided that since things went so well with our ikea kitchen we should utilize their PAX wardrobe system. 

The layout will look something like this:
I made this layout in excel changing the box sizes to 1 by 1 and counting each box 1 sq inch.
The Before Pictures: 
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