A year later...

Saturday, 31 January 2015

I can’t believe next week we will have been in possession of our house for 1 year. 2014 was an exciting year with lots of changes, mostly surrounding us buying a house and renovating it. I have been quite absent from this blog since June last year (so really, I only stuck to the whole blogging thing while we were renovating). I honestly felt like I didn't have much to share so I let it die out. I also moved positions at work and I went from a fairly light work load that didn't require a lot of energy to a fast paced, technical, AMAZING role. I spent a bit of time flying back and forth to site (1 hour North of Fort McMurray) and was basically completely engrossed in work and didn't have time for much else. 

Another big change for me was I found a love for running. Runners to me were always these mystical creatures that couldn't possibly exist because no one likes running. Now I am a runner. What I discovered was I was running too quickly, so I was getting out of breath and fatigued minutes into a run. Now I am training for a half marathon with my dad and this weekend I will be running 12km (longest run to date). I am not nervous or worried about the run, I am actually looking forward to it.

I thought I would take a look at the goals I set for 2014 and see how I did so from my first post ever here is the list of my goals:

1. Move into production, reservoir, drilling or completions engineering  done as of June 2014
2. Buy a house in the NW done as of November 2013
3. Renovate house (floors, trim, paint, kitchen) done as of March 2014
4. Maintain workout schedule of 2x per week done as of summer 2014 (in fact I maintain an average of 5 times a week :))
5. Get lasik done as of November 2013
6. Plant a garden done as of summer 2014
7. Go camping 4x in 2014 (only made it out a couple of times)
8. Get a dog
9. Get a Christmas tradition
10. Create a reading list, read a book every 1-2 months  I only half cross this out because now with my commute being on the train I listen to an audiobook. I haven't created a list.

I need to start thinking of some new goals for 2015. Seeing as I didn't complete the last few goals on my 2014 list I really should add them to this years list. However, priorities have changed and we can't exactly manage a dog right now but I will include the other ones.

1. Run the Vancouver BMO Half-Marathon in May
2. Renovate our ensuite bathroom (the main reason I have reinstated this blog)
3. Go camping 4x in 2015
4. Get a Christmas tradition
5. Create a reading list (this isn't a hard goal! I just need to do it)
6. Complete 12 weeks of Bikini Body Guide (I am already on week 4!)
7. Have more fresh flowers in our house (this was my New Years resolution)

I can't really think of any other goals right now but I will add to my list as the year progresses. 
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