Front Door Colour

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

4. Seaweed // 5. Summer Blue // 6. Old Navy

I know I am terrible for this...starting a new project before the current one is complete. Since we have had such wonderful weather lately and my tulips are coming up, I've been dreaming up plans for the exterior of the house.
I wanted to add some character to our house which currently has none. It is a front garage (that basically is the entire front of the house) with vinyl siding and fake rock. I started searching Pinterest and Houzz to get some ideas for adding character, I even started a discussion board on Houzz to get some advice. 
One inexpensive and fun way to add character would be to paint the front door a bright colour. There are a million different colours out there and I didn't even know where to start or how I was going to visualize the colour with the rest of the house. That is where Photoshop came in!
I picked 6 colours from the Benjamin Moore website and overlaid them on an image of our front door. I also changed the trim around the door to "white" to make the door pop. 
I know it looks kind of crappy but at least it gives me an idea about colour! I really like the darker blue colours (blue and old navy). 
Next step will be to buy a couple samples and paint a piece of wood/drywall and see how it really looks.

Color-block Hem Curtains

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Brendan has been hard at work doing electrical and helping his plumber out on all the plumbing. Things are running extremely smoothly (I hope I didn't just jinx myself). Since I can't be much help upstairs my mom and I worked on  a project I've been meaning to get to for a long time! 

The placement of our curtain rod in our old apartment was lower than the curtain rod in our current bedroom i.e. the curtains we had in our apartment nicely touched the floor whereas in our current bedroom they were about 12 inches off the floor. I've already modified our curtains once by adding black-out material to the back so I didn't want to start from scratch therefore I needed to figure out away to lengthen them. When I was searching the internet for ideas I came across the idea of color-block hemming. It is surprisingly common and I think it looks great! 

Yesterday we went to Chintz and Company and sourced out the fabric for the bottom portion of the curtains. I forgot to bring the pillow case of our bed spread but I was able to find a picture of our bed spread online so we could compare the image to the fabric in the store. I knew I wanted a yellow or gold fabric and I ended up picking a gold velvet like fabric...very luxe...

I don't have a picture of the completed thing because we moved out of our bedroom and so they are now folded up in another bedroom waiting to be hung up again. Hopefully in a month or month and a half we will be able to move back into our bedroom and I can take a picture of them done! I am thrilled with the end result.

Also just for those who like to see our smiling faces here is a renovation selfie!

Day 7

Saturday, 7 March 2015

It's been almost a week of renovating and look how happy I am! ... and look how busy and annoyed Brendan looks...

Things have gone incredibly smooth this week. "We" were able to complete most of the framing and are now on to electrical and plumbing. The plumber is hopefully coming tomorrow to work on re-routing things. We have to do the following:

1. move the toilet over towards the exterior wall
2. re-route plumbing for the shower
3. re-route plumbing for the sink
4. run a new water line for the washing machine

I am told that all of this can be done in a day but since we are way ahead schedule I don't really care if it extends into next week. 

As I write this Brendan is busy working on the electrical. I was just called upstairs to check out the two new pot lights he install in the soon to be closet. We have to move a couple switches, add pot lights, add a box for the backlit mirror, move the bath fan and then run a 220V line for the dryer. Pretty complicated stuff but I know B can handle it. 

There were a couple issues with electrical 1) there was a cable running across the wall where the new entrance into the bathroom was going to be (that is fixed now, Brendan was able to move it up and over the doorway) and 2) there is a three-way line that needs to be moved over a couple inches but...there might not be enough slack in the line to move it. This means we may have to run a new cable. Both issues were/are fixable but it just meant/means a little more work. 

Some other big news is there is a new entrance (see the first image below) into the closet and bathroom! I think it looks fantastic! 

Brendan has done such an amazing job on everything and I've been busy doing my part of the average house, cleaning, laundry. Typing laundry just reminded me that I have a load to change over... 

New Closet

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

When we began this renovation I didn’t really pay too much attention to the closet and what it was going to look like. In my mind I just thought we would put up some bars and be done with it. However, as we moved into the more serious design phase and now the execution phase I’ve started putting a lot more thought into our closet and I’ve actually gotten excited! The above photo is some inspiration I found on Pinterest. 
We altered our current closet from a simple step in closet to a walk-through closet with storage on either side of the walk way. You can see the new layout here. My design process started with me taking stock of how many pieces of clothing I actually have. I sat down one night with an excel spreadsheet and typed into it every single article of clothing. Not only was I floored by how much stuff I actually have but I was able to see how much storage I was going to need. Prior to this renovation we had stuff in one of our spare bedroom closets. I really don’t like the idea of spreading into all your spaces. I want to keep things contained.
When we moved out of the bedroom/closet/bathroom at the start of the renovation we did a lot of purging. And I imagine that when we move back into the closet we will again do some purging. So this should help with the amount of storage we will have vs. how much stuff we have.
I initially looked at a California Closet type installation and realized that we couldn’t afford it. So then I turned to my trusty ol’ Ikea. Our kitchen turned out beautifully so I figured why not give their wardrobe system ‘PAX’ a try! Like their kitchens Ikea has designed a tool to help you design your new closet. I immediately got using the tool. I have to say it was a lot simpler to use than the Kitchen tool. It happened that the length of our closet would perfectly fit 2 of their cabinets. For the most part I need hanging space with a few baskets/drawers for sweaters, workout gears etc. This is the final design I came up with:
Left side
 Right side

I also started thinking about the type of hangers I wanted to purchase. I’ve never had all new hangers and I wanted to make sure whatever I got would be functional but looked good. Also since I have so much stuff I needed the hangers to be slim. I started researching different types of hangers and it led me to The Sweethome. They say that these wooden hangers are the best bang for your buck from the Container Store however, they are ½” thick. After browsing through the Container Store website I found these hangers:

I think they will be perfect! Slim (only ¼” thick), anti-slip and they look good too.  

Day 3

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

We are on day 3 of the renovation. The bin was dropped on our driveway on Friday instead on Monday so we were able to get started on demolition on the weekend! I would say our current status is demolition is 98% done. We still have to take down the top parts of some walls and repair insulation/poly. I can’t believe how big the space is with all the walls down…and I can’t believe how much dust demolition creates! I sweep our main floor three times each night.

Next steps are putting walls back up and installing the pocket door frames. Once the walls are up we can see what areas need the floor cut away for the plumber to access. The most nerve racking part of the renovation is the plumbing portion. There is no way for the plumber to come and quote us until we have framed the new walls and pulled up the floor. How can they quote us if they can’t see what they’re dealing with? We are doing major plumbing re-routing, moving the toilet, switching the placement of the shower and vanity and adding laundry hook ups.

I’ve also started thinking about the finishes. We both really wanted to do the brushed gold bath fixtures but the more and more we sorted through the logistics the less and less it seemed feasible. Because we can’t afford the expensive shower wall tile that comes with a pencil rail tile to be used instead of schluter we will need to use schluter. We could use gold schluter but we wanted to stay away from PERMENANT things being gold i.e. the shower drain and schluter. So the schluter would be satin nickel and we would have gold bath fixtures, satin nickel schluter and shower drain, and oil rubbed bronze door hardware. That is a lot of finishes. Oh and not to mention the shower door hinges and handle don’t normally come in brushed gold so getting custom hinges etc. = $$$.

Reminder: this isn’t our forever home so in our forever home I will have a bathroom with brushed gold bath fixtures.

What did we end up selecting? Delta Vero faucet and shower trim in chrome. Chrome is slightly more flashy than satin nickel but still in the silver family.
Since I am not getting my gold bath fixtures I came up with a compromise of having an oversized gold framed piece of art. Since I am on a budget and my husband is wicked with a spray can I was thinking about purchasing this picture frame from Ikea, scuffing it up and spraying it gold.
I was then perusing the Minted Art Marketplace and found TONS of great art prints. My favorite right now is this.

I think it’ll add a nice punch of color and I get my touch of gold with the frame.

My most exciting purchase so far is our new mirror. I have a really hard time with vanity light fixtures. Either I like the look of them and they don’t provide any light for me to do my make up or... they provide the light and I don’t like the look of the fixture. Compromise? No vanity light fixture! On our trip down to San Diego last November we stayed at a lovely hotel that happened to have a backlit mirror. I fell in love! After doing some research I discovered Lumidesign. A manufacturer out of Ontario that manufacturers just what I was looking for, a back lit mirror.

We decided on a 36” x 36” Kelly Mirror. It’s currently sitting in our TV room in the box waiting to be unveiled. 

Renovation Round 2 - Before Pictures

Sunday, 1 February 2015

On to the exciting stuff...we are at it again, renovating that is! I am really looking forward to getting started on our next project. This time we will be doing:

1. our en-suite 
2. moving our laundry from the basement to the upstairs hall closet

This is a big renovation with lots of plumbing and custom work so it should be a lot of fun and very interesting! I am full fledged into the designing and planning stage. 

I have really opened up to the idea of colour and bolder design elements with this renovation. I am definitely not playing it safe *hint* think brushed gold bath fixtures. So far we have narrowed down what we would like for:
  • bath fixtures
  • the sink
  • the colour of vanity (and some of the design)
  • the mirror
  • the tile
  • the wall colour
  • the closet design
Our biggest hurtle will be seeing if the bath fixtures prices come down A LOT from the retail quote otherwise I am going to have to re-think my beautiful brushed gold fixtures. The colour scheme is going to be mostly greys and whites with some punch of robin's egg blue and turquoise. 

The closet is going to go from a step in closet to a walk-through closet. It makes the most sense with the layout we have. I decided that since things went so well with our ikea kitchen we should utilize their PAX wardrobe system. 

The layout will look something like this:
I made this layout in excel changing the box sizes to 1 by 1 and counting each box 1 sq inch.
The Before Pictures: 

A year later...

Saturday, 31 January 2015

I can’t believe next week we will have been in possession of our house for 1 year. 2014 was an exciting year with lots of changes, mostly surrounding us buying a house and renovating it. I have been quite absent from this blog since June last year (so really, I only stuck to the whole blogging thing while we were renovating). I honestly felt like I didn't have much to share so I let it die out. I also moved positions at work and I went from a fairly light work load that didn't require a lot of energy to a fast paced, technical, AMAZING role. I spent a bit of time flying back and forth to site (1 hour North of Fort McMurray) and was basically completely engrossed in work and didn't have time for much else. 

Another big change for me was I found a love for running. Runners to me were always these mystical creatures that couldn't possibly exist because no one likes running. Now I am a runner. What I discovered was I was running too quickly, so I was getting out of breath and fatigued minutes into a run. Now I am training for a half marathon with my dad and this weekend I will be running 12km (longest run to date). I am not nervous or worried about the run, I am actually looking forward to it.

I thought I would take a look at the goals I set for 2014 and see how I did so from my first post ever here is the list of my goals:

1. Move into production, reservoir, drilling or completions engineering  done as of June 2014
2. Buy a house in the NW done as of November 2013
3. Renovate house (floors, trim, paint, kitchen) done as of March 2014
4. Maintain workout schedule of 2x per week done as of summer 2014 (in fact I maintain an average of 5 times a week :))
5. Get lasik done as of November 2013
6. Plant a garden done as of summer 2014
7. Go camping 4x in 2014 (only made it out a couple of times)
8. Get a dog
9. Get a Christmas tradition
10. Create a reading list, read a book every 1-2 months  I only half cross this out because now with my commute being on the train I listen to an audiobook. I haven't created a list.

I need to start thinking of some new goals for 2015. Seeing as I didn't complete the last few goals on my 2014 list I really should add them to this years list. However, priorities have changed and we can't exactly manage a dog right now but I will include the other ones.

1. Run the Vancouver BMO Half-Marathon in May
2. Renovate our ensuite bathroom (the main reason I have reinstated this blog)
3. Go camping 4x in 2015
4. Get a Christmas tradition
5. Create a reading list (this isn't a hard goal! I just need to do it)
6. Complete 12 weeks of Bikini Body Guide (I am already on week 4!)
7. Have more fresh flowers in our house (this was my New Years resolution)

I can't really think of any other goals right now but I will add to my list as the year progresses. 
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