Instant Hot Water System

Thursday, 3 April 2014

There is definitely something to be said about the perfect cup of tea. After our honeymoon in Ireland (where a lot of the day revolves around tea) I developed a great appreciate for the delicious hot beverage. My parents renovated their kitchen when I was in first year university and the put in a reverse osmosis system and instant hot. It was always a luxury when I came home at breaks to use their instant hot. Needless to say when we were designing our own kitchen this was something I really wanted to make sure we had. 
We ordered all our plumbing through a good friend who happens to work for EMCO Waterworks. When I let him know I wanted an instant hot system he told me about Hot1 by InSinkErator. Most instant hot systems also come with a cold water filtration system but we didn't need that because we had one built into our fridge. 

Like all things there were some initial problems. When it was first installed it it began sputtering water and steam. We read the instruction manual it said that if it was doing that it meant it was too hot and the system was boiling. So we unplugged it ran all the hot water out of the system and turned the heat down a little plugged it back in and waited. It began sputtering again so we repeat the process, turning it down little by little until we hit the "sweet" spot and we had hot water and the system wasn't boiling. And as I type this I am enjoying a delicious perfectly brewed cup of tea. 

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