The Beginning of Backsplash

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I have to say this was something I was incredibly nervous about as a friend from work can attest to...I talked about this the entire week obsessing about the logistics. My friend from work has some experience with tiling and so I picked her brain constantly to understand how this whole process was going to work.

Friday night began the prep work so protecting the countertops etc. and we tried out the tile saw that my husband's dad had left us to use. We were both a little concerned about how the tile saw was going to work but to our delight it worked perfectly. We both slept easy Friday night.

We began by centering our first tile, tight to the countertop, under the window. This way we have matching patterns on either side of the window. We BOTH operated the saw for the first bit but then I got tired and I had a zillion tiny little cuts on my hand so my husband took over. I was having issues holding the guard and pushing the tile through with one hand so what I ended up doing was lifting the guard completely out of the way and using both hands to push the tile through, this resulted in tiny cuts all over my hands.

We were able to complete all the tile for the backsplash yesterday and today begins grout. Another thing I was weirdly concerned about was the grout color. Do we go with Antique White? or Alabaster or Bright White? We decided to go with Antique White. Our cabinets are off-white and so we figured it would match just fine and give some definition between the tiles, Bright White might have made our backsplash look like one sheet of white and after all our hard work we wanted to make sure you could see each tile!

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  1. Friend from work here... It looks amazing! Yet another pinterest worthy kitchen with gorgeous subway tile. Don't hate me if I steal all your great ideas for our future kitchen remodel! When are you going to write about the hardware? Those beauties deserve their own post.


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