Moving Day

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Whether we like it or not tomorrow we move! We are 99% of the way there, there are a few odds and ends that need to be finished but nothing major and nothing we can't do while living there. It's been a long journey (well not that long its only been two months). Furniture has started to arrive and we've already moved over our breakable stuff!
We have the following left to finish up
- cabinet hardware (only 7 left)
- hook up the washer and dryer
- give the backsplash tile another good wipe and then seal it
- do a last coat of paint on the fireplace (no more brass!)
- paint touch up's around the house
- clean....
Then the decorating begins! I can't wait to see the house with all our stuff in it because it will start to feel like an actual home. Also once we move there it will be a lot easier to take lots of photos of everything and give a proper update.

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