Ladder Shelf

Saturday, 29 March 2014

In our old apartment we had a strange alcove right when you walk in the door and I always wanted to do something with that wall. Also whenever my husband walked in the door he would dump all his stuff on the kitchen counter and that would drive me nuts. So I figured I would get a bookshelf of sorts  to a. have somewhere for my husband to put his keys and wallet and b. have something on that wall. So I went to EQ3 and order this shelf. I then found out it was backordered. Then it really was backorder, like many months. I hung in there and pick up the shelf the week we bought our house….

Again in the house I needed a place for Brendan to dump his stuff, so we set this shelf up right when you walk into the living space. See that little wooden box on the middle shelf, that is Brendan's "stuff" box. 
It also creates a place for our stereo, I needed to create a way to hide all our cord so I picked this box up from Ikea and drilled two holes in the back, one for the white extension cord to go in and one for the stereo power cord to go out. 

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