Sunday, 30 March 2014

This morning I was chatting with my mom about our perception of our childhoods. I was saying that when I remember elementary school I remember doing a lot of art...like every other subject was art. She reconfirmed this for me and said that there was often a resident artist in the classroom.

I can't say I am a very creative person but I do enjoy creating things, I've picked up quilting from my mom and I love that... however it takes a long time to plan and create a quilt. There are other ways to be creative, like painting. The other night I was feel particularly creative and I wanted to paint, so I did. We did lots of watercolor in elementary school and so I can recall a few techniques but not a lot but who cares art is art... it's all about perception. 

Ladder Shelf

Saturday, 29 March 2014

In our old apartment we had a strange alcove right when you walk in the door and I always wanted to do something with that wall. Also whenever my husband walked in the door he would dump all his stuff on the kitchen counter and that would drive me nuts. So I figured I would get a bookshelf of sorts  to a. have somewhere for my husband to put his keys and wallet and b. have something on that wall. So I went to EQ3 and order this shelf. I then found out it was backordered. Then it really was backorder, like many months. I hung in there and pick up the shelf the week we bought our house….

Again in the house I needed a place for Brendan to dump his stuff, so we set this shelf up right when you walk into the living space. See that little wooden box on the middle shelf, that is Brendan's "stuff" box. 
It also creates a place for our stereo, I needed to create a way to hide all our cord so I picked this box up from Ikea and drilled two holes in the back, one for the white extension cord to go in and one for the stereo power cord to go out. 


Friday, 28 March 2014

After we moved I feel like I disappeared of the face of the earth. I think I had spent so much time and energy on the renovation and move that when it was all over I slipped into a lethargic coma.
I am realizing there is still a lot to be done so I can’t continue to mop about.
The dining room light fixture was the first thing I bought for the house. I had seen a couple “pinteresting” pictures and knew exactly what I wanted. Black/oil rubbed bronze metal with clear glass (so you could see the light bulbs). I had told my mom about this and one day she was reading the paper and there was a full page ad from the Carrington Lighting store and smack dab in the middle of the page was the light fixture I wanted and….for super cheap. I ran over there and picked it up.
After I had purchased our dining room fixture the next step was the island pendents. I wanted to continue with the clear glass (so you could see the light bulbs). I began browsing the Restoration Hardware site and I found exactly what I had wanted oh and we could afford them!
Our sconces and powder room light fixtures arrived last week. They were a little bit of an afterthought and that is why they just arrived. What was originally in the house was very much on theme with the right of the house…light purple and brass. Once the renovation was under way the style of our house really began to take shape we had a lot of square edges and crisp clean lines so I wanted something similar to that. However, I didn’t want to go ultra-modern. And then I came across George Kovacs lighting! The scones were perfect!! And there was a two-light fixture that would be perfect for the powder room.

Moving Day

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Whether we like it or not tomorrow we move! We are 99% of the way there, there are a few odds and ends that need to be finished but nothing major and nothing we can't do while living there. It's been a long journey (well not that long its only been two months). Furniture has started to arrive and we've already moved over our breakable stuff!
We have the following left to finish up
- cabinet hardware (only 7 left)
- hook up the washer and dryer
- give the backsplash tile another good wipe and then seal it
- do a last coat of paint on the fireplace (no more brass!)
- paint touch up's around the house
- clean....
Then the decorating begins! I can't wait to see the house with all our stuff in it because it will start to feel like an actual home. Also once we move there it will be a lot easier to take lots of photos of everything and give a proper update.

Living Room Area Rug

Monday, 17 March 2014

Rugs rugs rugs...people put lovely hardwood floors in their homes and then...cover them with area rugs...We are those people. I can't say that I spent a lot of time selecting our area rugs but I did put some thought into it. 
We couldn't have wool rugs because I am allergic to them so I began researching nylon rugs and that is where I found Shaw Flooring. They have a massive selection of nylon/olefin area rugs and you can get them in a variety of sizes oh and they are very reasonably priced. There are many different retailers in Calgary that seller Shaw Flooring area rugs, we went with After Eight Interiors mostly because my husband deals with them for work on a regular basis.
We were able to see what the colors actually looked like and what it would feel like at After Eight though we weren't able to see what the rug would look like in its entirety.
I like the look of traditional rugs with more contemporary furniture, I don't know whether this style preference came from Sarah Richardson Design (which is most often my inspiration source) or what but I love the look. Also from looking through Houzz and selecting the different styles of decor I've come to realize that my style is eclectic which is fitting for the look of a more traditional rug and contemporary furniture.

The Beginning of Backsplash

Sunday, 9 March 2014

I have to say this was something I was incredibly nervous about as a friend from work can attest to...I talked about this the entire week obsessing about the logistics. My friend from work has some experience with tiling and so I picked her brain constantly to understand how this whole process was going to work.

Friday night began the prep work so protecting the countertops etc. and we tried out the tile saw that my husband's dad had left us to use. We were both a little concerned about how the tile saw was going to work but to our delight it worked perfectly. We both slept easy Friday night.

We began by centering our first tile, tight to the countertop, under the window. This way we have matching patterns on either side of the window. We BOTH operated the saw for the first bit but then I got tired and I had a zillion tiny little cuts on my hand so my husband took over. I was having issues holding the guard and pushing the tile through with one hand so what I ended up doing was lifting the guard completely out of the way and using both hands to push the tile through, this resulted in tiny cuts all over my hands.

We were able to complete all the tile for the backsplash yesterday and today begins grout. Another thing I was weirdly concerned about was the grout color. Do we go with Antique White? or Alabaster or Bright White? We decided to go with Antique White. Our cabinets are off-white and so we figured it would match just fine and give some definition between the tiles, Bright White might have made our backsplash look like one sheet of white and after all our hard work we wanted to make sure you could see each tile!

Appliance Garage

Friday, 7 March 2014

The appliance garage is really coming along. I am so please with the way it looks and how much counter space we have in front of it!

Our Wedding

Thursday, 6 March 2014

We have just passed the 7 months mark since our wedding. I still can't believe it’s been 7 months, it feels like only yesterday we were madly planning this insane event.
Though we are still waiting on our spectacular video from Snap Weddings we have a gorgeous collection of photographs from f8photography. In fact they were so gorgeous that we were published in Luxe bridal magazine!

 You can check out the rest of our photo’s here:

And the beautiful slideshow here:

Our day was really special to us and it really wouldn’t have been the same without the incredibly talented Stephanie Schmidt from Lynn Fletcher Weddings. She worked so incredibly hard for us and even though she had mono the week of our wedding she was still there to make sure everything went according to plan (which it didn’t because it rained but oh well). Enjoy the photos!!


Thursday, 6 March 2014

They have arrived!! I love them, they are a great color and exactly what we were hoping for. I can’t believe how big the island is…so so much prep space.
We ended up selecting a Quartz product that is white with flecks of light light blue, grey and green. The flecks add a dimension so it isn’t flat white.
Next step appliances...

Renovation Update

Monday, 3 March 2014

March 3…we’ve been renovating for a month… so much has been accomplished!
Wednesday last week painting prep got started which is really exciting because ever since we got the cabinets in, the house has looked the same. Well there have been little changes here and there but mostly the same. They have sprayed all the base and case upstairs which looks amazing and begun spraying downstairs yesterday including priming the fireplace!!

We have more of a unique painting situation as we installed our own:

  • Crown moulding in the kitchen
  • Valences on the cabinets
  • Open shelving at the end of the base cabinets on the range wall
  • Cook book shelf over the fridge
  • End tape on the cover panel of the island

All of those need to be sprayed to match the kitchen cabinets. Then we have the fireplace mantel which needs to be spray to match the baseboard, window/door casing and doors. After all that they can roll the walls and we are done! Well done painting...

As far as the kitchen goes we still have to:

  • Countertop install (Wednesday)
  • Install appliance garage on the fridge wall
  • Complete the filler panel on the upper cabinets on the fridge wall
  • Install the in-the-island microwave
  • Back splash
  • Install the drawers and shelving
  • Put the doors on the cabinets
  • Door hardware install
  • Appliance delivery
  • Hook up the sink, faucet, garborator and instant hot
  • Hook up the water line to the fridge
  • Install the hood fan
  • Hang light fixtures
  • Put electrical plates on etc.

It seems like a lot and a little at the same time. As for the rest of the house it’s just some paint and then the carpet installation upstairs. Brendan has to repair a cold air return because when we removed the closet in the mudroom we realized there was a cold air return in the closet wall. We re-routed everything in the mudroom but we have to tie it in in the basement.

In other news the cabinet hardware has arrived!! I selected some from Restoration Hardware. I am soo happy with it. We ordered two more rugs for the front entrance and the master bedroom that should arrive in 10 days. I still need to find a mirror for the powder room and some lamps but nothing major and definitely something I can accomplish over the next few weeks. This week we hope the counter top, carpet and appliances all get delivered and installed.
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