Game Plan for the Renovation

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

My dreams of this renovation began long ago. Way before we bought a house, having in mind what we wanted for a renovation made shopping for a home a lot easier. It meant we were not concerned at all about finishing’s because we knew we would be changing them. We were not the norm when we bought our house. Most people do a lot of shopping around before they make a selection but when we walked into our house we knew that it was the one. Our “must-have” list was quite short:

1.     Good location (quiet street)
2.     3+ bedrooms
3.     Decent floor plan
I wasn’t lying…it was really short. Our house was the fifth house we looked at and we saw it on the first day. We basically looked for one weekend before putting in an offer. I wouldn’t say we got a great deal but we got a medium deal and because we plan on living in this house for 10+ years it didn’t matter to us. I doubt we’ll look back in 10 years and thing damn we should have gotten a better deal. One of the greatest things about this house was the possession date! It was many months away from when we bought so we would have tons of time to sort out the renovation.
The more I think and talk about the house the more I love it! Our house is open concept; we have one room that is kitchen, dining and living room. Renovation game plan, we knew we wanted a new kitchen (I use the word ‘we’ loosely). Flooring was also on the list and then baseboard and door/window casing, paint was an obvious must.
I started to make a list as I do…
-          Kitchen
o    Cabinets
o    Appliances
o    Countertop
o    Backsplash
-          Flooring
o    Carpet for upstairs
o    Hardwood for the main level
o    Subfloor
-          Baseboards and Door/Window Casing
-          Paint
My husband is a carpenter by trade and currently works for a luxury renovation company in Calgary. The list started to expand the more I talked to him.
During the early to mid-90’s someone came up with the worst idea in home design…decorative ledges. They are the Bain of my existence. Why on earth would you want a ledge roughly 8 feet high to store crap. You can’t reach it on a daily basis to clean so it is forever dusty. I hate to say it but we are subject to this lovely design feature in our new house. My husband and I went back and forth a lot about this ledge and also the beautiful dry wall border around the fire place. My initial reaction to the fireplace was RIP IT OUT. But my husband spent some time and convinced me to keep it. We compromised, I said that if we keep the fireplace the decorative ledge goes and we re-do the mantel around the fireplace…so the renovation grew a little bit bigger.
The list started as above and transitioned into:
-          Garbage Bin
-          Demolition
-          Scaffolding
-          Reroute water line to refrigerator
o    Material
o    Labour
-          Reroute electrical (move 3 light fixtures, increase power to island)
o    Material
o    Labour
-          Frame wall above fireplace
-          Dry patching (decorative ledging / ceiling repair for light fixtures)
o    Board
o    Screws
o    Mud
o    Tape
-          Install fireplace mantel
-          Cabinet installation
o    Boxes
o    Doors
o    Hardware
-          Granite measure
o    Quartz
-          Window casing – 50% height of the baseboard
o    Material
-          Door casing – 50% height of the baseboard
o    Material
-          Baseboard  – 7% rule, 7% of the wall height for a traditional house (8ft walls 7in trim)
o    Material
-          Floor installation 
o    Material (hardwood, subfloor, carpet)
-          Paint (prime, 1st coat walls, finish casing and baseboard)
o    Material
o    Labour
-          Granite and sink installation
o    Sink
o    Labour
-          Back splash
o    Tile
o    Grout
o    Tools
-          Plumbing lockout (hook up sink)
o    Material
o    Labour
-          Appliance installation
o    Refrigerator
o    Range
o    Microwave
o    Hood fan
o    Garborator
o    Dishwasher
-          Paint touch ups
o    Material
o    Labour
-          Electrical lockout
o    Materials
I apologize for the long list but I think it helps to show what really goes into a renovation. I know my husband sees this all the time. People are generally not prepared for a renovation. There is a lot of work associated with it and I like to see the logistics behind everything. And here is where it all begins.

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