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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

As a friend advised me I should write a ‘hello’ to the internet post for January 1, 2014. So here it is…Hello Internet. I am really looking forward to what this blog will do for me. My hopes are to rid myself of laziness in 2014. I am not a particularly lazy person but I feel I could accomplish a lot more than I do. I’ve attributing it all to the fact that my husband and I live in an apartment and I can’t possibly do anything there because it’s too small and we don’t own it, there is no yard etc. (excuses, excuses, excuses).
But that is all about to change. February 3, 2014 we take possession of our first home! A lovely 2-story, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house in the ‘burbs, so excited!!

I am a goal setter, I set goals constantly, I feel they give me direction and comfort to know I am moving towards something and not just floating along without thinking about where I am going. During university we had to take personality tests so that when it came to group projects our professors could group us accordingly and to no one’s surprise (not even mine) I am an ENTJ. Lists and goals are very common amongst ENTJs. Back to goals….*flash back* to November 2009. I went on a trip to Arizona with a friend of mine (this was shortly after I had met my husband) , this friend likes to take photo’s so we were out by the pool and he snapped a photo of me, I looked at it and that was when I realized I was too big for my liking. My fears were confirmed when I asked my mom “am I fat” and she said yes (very very unlike my mother so I knew it had to be a problem if she said it). I decided that I need to set some goals for myself because I couldn’t keep floating along like this. My goals were:

1. Stay in mechanical engineering
2. Apply to Biomedical option
3. Lose 5lb’s by Christmas
4. Lose 15lbs by Reading break
5. Use all terms to complete school
6. Stay in coop to find summer jobs
7. Get sinus surgery
8. Graduate in 2012
9. Work in my field for 2 years (not in a factory)
10. Go back to school for an MBA
11. Save money
12. Get married
13. Have children

Out of all those goals (mind you that was 4 years ago) I have completed a vast majority of them (11/13), though some of them weren’t in the specified time frame.
After the wedding I realized that I needed a new set of goals (Oct 2013) and they are:

1. Move into production, reservoir, drilling or completions engineering
2. Buy a house in the NW complete
3. Renovate house (floors, trim, paint, kitchen)
4. Maintain workout schedule of 2x per week
5. Get lasik complete
6. Plant a garden
7. Go camping 4x in 2014
8. Get a dog
9. Create a Christmas tradition
10. Create a reading list, read a book every 1-2 months

These goals are a little more short term than my previous ones but they are goals none-the-less.  My husband gets a little overwhelmed when I start talking 20+ year goals. I am a planner and I have to try really hard not to live in the future. Now that we have a house many of my goals can come to fruition. I am really looking forward to the next year and having a home. Also I am really looking forward to January 16th when my husband and I are taking photography lessons so I can finally learn how to use our DSLR camera and take lovely photos for this blog.- R

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